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  Perupalem Beach
Perupalem Beach

Perupalem Beach is situated 20 kilometers from Narasapur town, located in the West Godavari area of the Andhra Pradesh state. The shore is extremely popular for its picturesque delightfulness and the coastline that offers a pleasing view to the people visiting it. Narasapur is popular for its old edifices belonging to the British time. These structures still stand tall here. The town is a division of the West Godavari area of state of Andhra Pradesh. It's popular with the tourists for the many holiday attractions such as the temple of Lakshmi Narayana at Antarvadi located 3 km from the town. Narasapur is known as a specialist town for lace weaving. It’s a large industry for the town and a primary source of earning for many people here. The lace weaving artisans here also service international clients.

However, Narasapur town is primarily known for the Perupalem Beach with its characteristic marshland. This sunny shore has safe and shallow waters and it’s easily approachable from Narasapur. It’s a 20 km ride from the town to the Beach as you cross paddy fields lined with coconut trees on either sides of the road. The Baptist Church close to the vacation spot is also a popular tourist spot.

Perupalem Beach is a newly developed beach in West Godavari District. The people here are engaged in agriculture, coconut growing and fishing. There is old Venkateswara Temple on the sea front that has been renovated recently. Local authorities and tourism development authorities are making efforts to develop infrastructure around the beach. The mouth of the beach opens itself out to the Bay of Bengal.

How to Reach Perupalem Beach
To reach Perupalem beach, one has to get down on train or bus at Narasapuram. Narasapuram has regular train services from Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Shirdi. There are numerous bus services to Narasapuram from several cities of Andhra Pradesh. One can get an APSRTC bus or engage a private taxi to reach Perupalem. Tourists from far off places should find accommodation in Narasapuram or Palakol. There are no boarding or lodging facilities at Perupalem beach.

The drive to Perupalem beach is an exhilarating experience. The road passes through rich green paddy fields, dotted by swinging coconut trees. Subsidiary canals flow along the road, as if to keep company to the visitors. The journey takes us through Mogaltur, an erstwhile kingdom of Mogaltur raja. It is also the birth place of the famous cine star Chiranjeevi. Incidentally, Chiranjeevi is now the central tourism minister.

Activities at Beach
Blue waters attract you. An evening stroll through the coconut and casuarinas gardens is a memorable experience. Greenery is everywhere. The beach is busy on weekends and holidays. People even come in droves to take a holy dip in the ocean on auspicious occasions, particularly in the month of Kartikam (October-November). Religious and social rituals such as vana bhojanam (community dining), and holy bathing take place on the beach during the time.

It is hot in summer here. Temperatures reach up to 45°C. The summer heat and the humidity of the sea shore are unbearable. However, summer evenings can be pleasant, as pleasant sea breeze soothes heated bodies. The place has good rains in monsoons. Here winters are pleasant.

There are resort type facilities for travels who want to stay in nearby places as Dindi (40 kilometers away).

Other Surrounding Attractions
Visitors to Perupalem Beach can also see Palakol, which famous for its Siva temple (one of the pancharama kshetras). Antarvedi, a beach town well known for its Narasimha Swamy temple is another must visit.

A word of warning: People who want to take a swim in the sea should be careful. They should take the guidance of local people before going for a swim.

Tourist Attractions near Perupalem Beach:
Perupalem is loaded with natural beauty as well as activities. The place is great for taking an evening stroll. One can find great peace and pleasure in discovering the beauty of the place. One can also sit on the beach to enjoy the blue water and long stretched sand.

The beach is also great for enjoying swimming. Sea is quite safe here. People love to take bath in this place. During the virtuous month of Kartikam, the devotees come here to take a holy dip. Many consider this to be auspicious. Perupalem beach is also famous in the region for religious and social rituals such as vana bhojanam and holy bathing. These rituals take place during the month of Kartikam.

The beach is recently getting attention as a tourist destination. Basically people here are engaged in agriculture and fishing. But the beauty of the beach is attracting many tourists now a day and this is being regarded as a developing tourist attraction by the authorities too.

One can also visit the old Venkateswara Temple located on the sea front which has been renovated recently. Visitors to Perupalem Beach love to see Palakol, which is famous for its Siva temple. Antarvedi, a beach town well known for its Narasimha Swamy temple is another tourist attraction.

Perupalem beach offers many of the activities to its visitors to stay engaged. Though it is not as developed as other beaches of Andhra Pradesh, still the scenic beauty of the beach provides enough pleasure to the visitors.

Accommodation is not a problem here in Narasapuram. One will not get accommodation near the beach. At a few kilometer distances one will get enough accommodation. One can find accommodation according to one’s budget. Near Perupalem one will find many roadside eateries which serves local food. One can quench one’s hunger during the visit to the beach.

Perupalem Beach

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