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  Domakonda Fort
Domakonda Fort

Domakonda was a Samsthanam under the Qutub Shahis and Asaf Jahis. The Reddy rulers of Domakonda Samasthanam built the fort in the 18th Century. The entrenc

Domakonda is a village in the Nizamabad district of the Indian state of Telangana. It is located in Nizamabad mandal.

The remains of a past glory of a territorial vassal, is something you will find at this place. A huge elevated compound of granite rocks becoming a fort wall, with a wooden door that’s spiked with iron rocket head’s on its face making it an entrance door to the beautiful two storied Mahal which is worth praising to the great stucco work that’s eye catchy even today.

This fort is more popular as “Gadi Domakonda” also “Killa Domakonda” and this once palatial mahal inside is populary known as “Addhala Meda” (Glass house). The courtyard of this beautiful bungalow is graced with a masonry water garden pond and iron hooked rounded granite pillars drilled into earth around its circumference as a guard to this pond.

The ground floor has arched pillars with finely done stucco work, illustrating its influenced design to the Mughal architecture. The first floor perching on the ground floor is modeled with round pillars and above it a flat ceiling, borrowing its design from the Western architecture. The ceilings of the floor are done with wood supported by rectangular wooden beams.

The best part is the wooden window protrusions that resemble the peacock feathers; one will get carried away with its beauty. Finely carved windows and doors with symbols of Peacocks, Elephants and Lions are really praise worthy. Though there are no more glasses left to see on the windows, except for here and there, still it’s worthy to see the left over master pieces.

On the side lines of the courtyard is a huge well with a great style of well laid steps taking into it. It’s just another engineering marvel in terms of design. Today there is no water in the well and stands the same as the building, in ruins.

It is definitely worth seeing this place not in just terms of architectural importance but also to understand the opulence, the territorial vassals of the region have enjoyed.

Domakonda is a small village that falls aroud 04 Kms from the main road on the way to Nizamabad District from Hyderabad (NH7) and is close to 100 Kms from Hyderabad. Also on the premises of this Fort is a Shiva temple constructed by the Kakatiyas - A dynasty that ruled Southern India.

As this is still a private property. Please request the watchman to show you the fort.

Domakonda Fort
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