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Welcome to Papikondalu & South India Tourism
We are providing complete information about Papikondalu Tourism.We organize your Papikondalu Tourism Packages. We will design Package Tour to Papikondalu
for your convenience.

Papikondalu  Tourism  provides you information about  Resorts in Papikondalu, Various  type of  tour  packages, Honeymoon packages, Papikondalu  travel guide,
Papikondalu  Destinations and  many more. Our  dedicated tour consultants are expert in designing  Papikondalu Tourism Packages, holidays and Kolluru Bamboo
Huts Honeymoon Packages.


Punnami Boat, Papikondalu, Telangana, Historic tourist Spots. Explore all Tourism locations in Telangana, Bhadrachala hotels
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Visiting Places : Polavaram,
Gandipochamma Temple, Devipatnam
Papikondalu, Perantapalli.
Visiting Places : Polavaram,
Papikondalu, Perantapalli.
Kolluru Huts, Pamuleru Waterfalls
Visiting Places : Polavaram,
Papikondalu, Perantapalli.
Koruturu Huts, Pamuleru Waterfalls
Visiting Places : Polavaram,
Papikondalu, Perantapalli.
Pochavarm, Bhadrachalam Temple
Vijay Kumar - Tourism Research Papikondalu is Papikondalu's leading provider of quality Punnami Tourism intelligence across both international and domestic markets.
Vijay Kumar
5 Star Rating
Updated On Feb 20, 2016
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Verified Current User
Kolluru Bamboo Huts - cool outdoorsy Adventure, the huts are placed around 100 metres uphill from the sandy shores. Its like a campsite. Kids
can have lot  of  fun playing  in the sand, volley  ball for the youngsters and a Jungle Walk organized by the owner  Satyanarayanan. People can
even take a dip in Godavari at some safe point during the walk.

Madhu - Papikondalu Tourist - Visit the official site of Tourism Papikondalu here.
5 Star Rating
Updated On Feb 06, 2016
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Validated Review
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Sri Punnami Boat is Very Nice. Service is Good. Papikondalu some of the most scenic boat rides along the Godavari river. The view is so serene, it takes away all your stress. Papikondalu Boating is South Indian Tour Package
Thank U  Punnami Tours & Travels
Alekhya - Papikondalu Tourist, kolluru Bamboo Hunts Night Stay, Godavri Tourism, Koruturu Cottages, Konasseema, Dindi, House Boat
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Updated On Jan 31, 2016
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went to this place with my friends ... enjoyed the Papikondalu Night stay .. went to the boat ride and stayed in the island with the bamboo huts for
a night ...starting it was very nice in the evening and the hell broke out in the night ...the temperature was below 15 degrees ..had to stay near the
fire ...but the trip was really ... i mean really amazing Best India Tour Packages

Vijji - Papikondalu Tourist
5 Star Rating
Updated On Dec 31, 2015
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Validated Review
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A really peaceful place to visit Papikondalu  with friends and family that detaches you from the rest of the world with its beautiful and calm
surroundings. we feel close to nature in this place. Punnami Tourism Boat Ride is Awesome...
Prasanna Kumar
5 Star Rating
Updated On Dec 26, 2015
Tourism in Papikondalu is an important component of the Papikondalu economy -Prasanna Kumar - Papikondalu Tourist
Validated Review - Tourism Papikondalu's corporate web site provides news and information for Papikondalu tourism
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Excellent scenes and picturuscue views of Papikondalu and all this without climbing them.Just riding through silent waters of Godavari river.
Must visit Kolluru Bamboo Huts (Papikondalu Night Stay).

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The original name for this hill range was 'Papidi Kondalu'. Papidi is a rough translation for partition in Telugu. It is believed that the place was visited by Lord Rama and goddess Sita during their exile. #Papi Kondalu has to be reached by boat from Rajahmundry, Pattisam (35 km from Rajahmundry), Polavaram (40 km from Rajahmundry), Kunavaram (50 km from Bhadrachalam) or Sriram Giri (60 km from Bhadrachalam). The boat service from Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam is a wonderful experience and it is operated in post monsoon season.

Dindi Resorts - Palavelli Resorts - Sterling Resorts

Apart from enjoying the view of the hills, valley and waterfalls, tourists can engage in activities like camping and trekking. There are several sights that fall on the way like Perantallapalli, Gandipochamma Temple and Pattiseema. Several tribal communities have made their dwellings on these hills whose main occupation is agriculture, fishing and making handicrafts. There is a waterfall at Munivaatam that is a popular tourist attraction.

The boat rides usually include full-day trips starting from Rajahmundry/ Pattisam / Polavaram / Kunavaram / Sriram Giri with break at Perantallapalli and back. Both AP Tourism and Private operators offer these tours from Rajahmundry. There are also one-way trips between Rajahmundry/ Pattisam/Polavaram and Kunavaram/Sriram Giri. There are few private operators who offer 2 day trips from Rajahmundry with overnight stay at Kollur Bamboo Resort. Trips usually start early morning between 6 to 9 AM. One has to book the boat and the huts in advance through tourist agencies or AP Tourism.

The Rajahmundry Airport at Madhurapudi (70 km away) has limited domestic services from Chennai, Madurai, Vijayawada, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Rajahmundry is well connected to other neighboring cities of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana by road and rail. It has trains from Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Vizag, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Bilaspur, Trivandrum, Kochi, Kakinada, Nagercoil, Bhubaneswar, Tirupati, Puri, Kolkata, etc.

The best time to visit Papi Kondalu is from October to January while the Peak Season is from November to December. Usually Papikondalu is visited from Rajahmundry as a day trip or two day trip with night stay at Kollur Camp. #Krishna Pushkaralu 2016

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A complete travel guide for Papikondalu Tourism. We are of the largest tour operator in India for Papikondalu Travel.Book your Papikondalu Tour0 Package now!
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Papikondalu World offering to exclusive Kolluru Huts holiday tour packages from Punnami Tourism.
Papikondalu Tour Packages group tours designed for like minded Indian passengers, with Indian Boats and Papikondalu Tour Managers. The itineraries are carefully planned River tours with a mix of Kolluru Bamboo Huts Resorts sightseeing and activities.
According to NBC News, Papikondalu Cruise Line, Vacation Ownership Marketing Papikondalu Tours

The best Papikondalu cruise lines in the world revealed by Crystal Papikondalu Cruises.

The Cruise Critic's UK Editor's Picks Awards 2016 have handed out gongs to some truly astonishing floating hotels in categories that include best new ship, best suites and best new luxury ship.

10 Destinations for Papikondalu Cruise Vacations in India

Official site of the Department of Papikondalu Tourism.

Andhra Pradesh , a state situated on the River Godavari Papikondalu of southwestern India,
          is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

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